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Ausk Complete by TejayHighlander Ausk Complete by TejayHighlander
The final copy of one of my favorite D&D characters, colored by ~CrimsonRed-and-Feral. This is Ausk, a half-orc barbarian of the beast totem. When he's not in rage, he likes to swing his cleaver, which is effectively a greataxe, to chop apart his enemies. But once he enters rage, he begins pouncing on his enemies, making full use of the two claw primary claw attacks he gains while in rage as well as the razor sharp tusks with a primary bite attack he would have regardless because of the half-orc toothy trait. He power attacks with all three of these attacks while suffering no penalty because of his reckless abandon and the natural armor granted to him by the thick, partially furry hide he grows when he enters rage. All in all, his claws and fangs are nearly inescapable and are capable of ripping apart the flesh of creatures much larger than himself with his tremendous strength. But outside of battle, he's just a big, dumb goof who likes to talk amongst his fellow party members. He's very feral, though, even when not in rage and has a tendency not to really understand modern human concepts. But he gets along well enough with the Kellids back home in the Realm of the Mammoth Lords, having been raised in a Kellid tribe by his mother alone. His father was a man he never met, fortunately; a full orc from the Hold of Belkzen who had attacked a small group of female gatherers and well... got his hands on Ausk's mother, Koma. Thankfully, her life was saved when the other girls arrived back at the scene with the Kellid warriors who crushed that orc's skull in with their great clubs. As such, Ausk grew up in the savage Kellid community, but would eventually seek to travel to distant lands in order to explore, see the world, and better control the savage strength granted to him through his rage. And if he meets a few friendly companions along the way and has a couple of meaningful adventures; all the better. Ausk almost always has a smile when he's not in battle and is quick to jump in to save his friends and even strangers, especially women, children, and "weaklings" (anyone with a strength score below 14) who are in danger.

Ausk also made an appearance in Anthony Rossner's world of Rhys. There, he was a little bit smarter and less feral, though even more clueless despite loving to talk just as much. However, it was mostly because he grew up in a less barbaric surrounding and his purpose for travel was to study the creatures he believed to be creators of the world; Dragons, whom he considered to be his gods, unlike back in Golarion, where deities were very far from his mind.
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Omg that's awesome !!
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March 22, 2011
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